5 Must-try dishes in Hoi An

Hoi An is a city in central Vietnam, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its ancient architecture and picturesque charm.

But Hoi An is also a destination of choice for food lovers, as it offers a variety of typical dishes that reflect its history and culture.

The cuisine of Hoi An is therefore a harmonious mixture between tradition and modernity, between local and foreign influences, between simplicity and sophistication.

It reflects the soul of this unique city that has preserved its heritage while opening up to the world

1. Cao Lau

Among the culinary specialties of Hoi An, one can mention the cao lau, a dish of thick noodles made from a special water from an old well.

The cao lau is served with roasted or braised pork, fresh herbs such as basil and mint, and a tasty sauce made from soy and spices. The cao lau is considered as the emblematic dish of Hoi An, because it cannot be found anywhere else in Vietnam.

2. Banh Mi

Another famous dish in Hoi An is the banh mi, a Vietnamese sandwich that combines the crispy bread inherited from the French with local ingredients such as meat, pickled vegetables and sauces.

The banh mi can be topped in different ways according to tastes and desires: chicken, pork, beef, pate, omeletteā€¦ The banh mi of Phuong is reputed to be the best in Hoi An, or even in the world according to some travelers.

3. Mi Quang

The Quang noodles are another noodle dish originating from the province of Quang Nam which includes Hoi An. The noodles are dyed yellow by turmeric and accompanied by chicken or pork cut into pieces, as well as peeled shrimps.

The broth is scarce but rich in flavor thanks to roasted peanuts and nuoc mam (a sauce made from fermented fish). The noodles are always served with a crispy rice cake that is broken into pieces to add crunch.

4. Com Ga

The chicken rice is a simple but delicious dish that consists essentially of two ingredients: rice and chicken. But this is not any rice nor any chicken: the rice is cooked in an aromatic broth with ginger and turmeric that give it a yellow color and an irresistible fragrance; the chicken is tender and juicy thanks to a marinade based on garlic and spices.

Everything is served with fresh herbs such as coriander or green onion to bring freshness.

5. Wonton

The wonton is a delicacy originating from China that has been adapted to Vietnamese cuisine. It is a dumpling made of a thin dough stuffed with minced meat or shrimps.

The wonton can be fried or boiled according to preferences. In Hoi An, the wonton is often covered with a spicy tomato sauce that gives it a local touch. The wonton can be served alone or with noodles.

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