How to get from Hanoi to Hoi An by train ?

Hoi An is a small city in central Vietnam. It is located 30km from Da Nang (3rd city of Vietnam).

Hoi An Old Town (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) has a historical heritage, exceptional architecture, and a tranquil atmosphere that make it worth being on your travel list.

Many people travel from Hanoi to Hoi An by train. It’s authentic.

The distance between Hanoi and Hoi An is 800 kilometers.

Getting from Hanoi to Hoi An by train

Hoi An Old Town by night

Hoi An does not have a train station and the nearest station is in Da Nang city.

Therefore, if you want to go from Hanoi to Hoi An by train, you must take the train from Hanoi to Da Nang station. Then from there to Hoi An, you need to take different means of transportation like bus, taxi, private car.

The road from Hanoi to Hoi An by train offers spectacular scenery, especially the section between Hué and Da Nang along the East Sea, you can see beautiful beaches and then the train will cross the Hai Van Pass before arriving in Da Nang.

Train schedule from Hanoi to Da Nang

The train journey takes about 16-17 hours in total. I strongly recommend the soft sleeper for the trip because it’s very, very long.

If you want more comfort, there are luxury trains like Violette Train, Lahman Express and New Livitrans Express.

Train ticket prices Hanoi – Hoi An

TrainDeparture and arrival timeHard seatSoft seathard berthSoft berth
SE76h – 23h
duration: 17h
19 $23 $39 $43 $
SE515h45 – 8h52
duration: 15h21
18 $28 $44 $50 $
SE914h30 – 7h35
duration: 17h05
18 $22 $49 $39 $
SE319h25 – 11h33
duration: 16h08
X26 $44 $49 $
SE122h15 – 13h36
duration: 15h21
X29 $46 $49 $
Lahman Express- SE122h15 – 13h36
duration: 15h21
82 $
Violette Trains – SE122h15 – 13h36
duration: 15h21
82 $
Violette Trains – SE319h25 – 11h33
duration: 16h08
82 $
New Livitrans Express SE319h25 – 11h33
duration: 16h08
82 $

Transfer from Da Nang to Hoi An

From Da Nang to Hoi An, tourists have different choices to reach the lantern city.


Many taxis ready and waiting outside the station. Take the reputable brands like Mai Linh Taxi or Vinasun Taxi which are green and yellow respectively. Make sure the meter is working before you leave the station or you can negotiate and agree on a fixed price.

A taxi ride from Da Nang station to Hoi An town costs about 300,000 VND – 450,000 VND ($15 – $23) and it takes about 45 minutes, depending on the traffic situation.


The bus is the cheapest way.

But the bus number 1, to go to Hoi An, is not located near the station, so if you want to take the local bus, you have to take a taxi to go to the bus station ( about 10 to 15 min by car ).

The bus ticket costs only 18,000 VND ($0.8) but you will probably pay 20,000 – 30,000 VND and the travel time is about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Private Car

The easiest transfer option is private car. The driver waits for you outside with a sign with your name on it.

Prices are fixed, no need to bargain.

For the trip from danang station to Hoi An, the price is 270.000 vnd for a 4 seats car with driver. The luxury is that the driver will drop you off at your hotel.

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