How to get from Hanoi to Da Nang by train ?

The fastest way to travel from Hanoi to Da Nang is by plane ( about 1h10 ) but tourists love to take the train in Vietnam. If you have never taken a train in Vietnam, I recommend you to try, it’s authentic.

Each day, there are 5 trains including SE7, SE5, SE9, SE3 and SE1 with many types of seats/sleeves. Therefore, visitors can easily choose a departure time that suits their schedule.

Distance from Hanoi to Da Nang

The distance between Hanoi and Da Nang is about 767 kilometers. The train journey takes between about 15h and 17h. Most tourists travel at night by sleeper train. For this trip, I don’t recommend hard and soft seats for long distance travel.

On the way from Hanoi to Da Nang, the train makes some stops in Nam Dinh, Thanh Hoa, Vinh, Dong Hoi, Dong Ha and Hué.

There are 4 luxury private tourist trains: Lahman Express, Violette trains, New Livitrans and Lotus. It’s more expensive but it’s also more comfortable.

Different berths

Soft berth

This is the must have. The bunk includes a sheet, a comforter, a pillow and a reading light. You can close your compartment. There are power outlets.

Hard Berth

You get the same equipment as the soft sleepers. The difference being that there are six berths per compartment instead of four. The mattresses are also thinner and harder.

Prices and schedules

TrainDeparture and arrival timeHard seatSoft seathard berthSoft berth
SE76h – 23h
duration: 17h
19 $23 $39 $43 $
SE515h45 – 8h52
duration: 15h21
18 $28 $44 $50 $
SE914h30 – 7h35
duration: 17h05
18 $22 $49 $39 $
SE319h25 – 11h33
duration: 16h08
X26 $44 $49 $
SE122h15 – 13h36
duration: 15h21
X29 $46 $49 $
Lahman Express- SE122h15 – 13h36
duration: 15h21
82 $
Violette Trains – SE122h15 – 13h36
duration: 15h21
82 $
Violette Trains – SE319h25 – 11h33
duration: 16h08
82 $
New Livitrans Express SE319h25 – 11h33
duration: 16h08
82 $

Where to buy your train tickets?


One of the best sites to buy your train tickets in Vietnam is Bao Lau. On the Bao Lau website, you can also buy your bus and plane tickets.

You can also buy on the site

At the train station

You can buy your train ticket directly at the Hanoi train station.

From Hanoi to Hoi An by train

Hoi An does not have a train station, so the nearest station is Da Nang.

For the trip from Da Nang to Hoi An by private car, the price is 270,000 vnd for a 4-seater car with driver, 320,000 vnd for a 7-seater car and 400,000 vnd for a 16-seater car.

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